About me

I am a Danish former journalist who has been working with digital development in the media industry for 15 years.

For 10 years, I was the editorial project manager (between R&D and the editorial department), head of an editorial development team and later worked with user experience and technical performance analysis at Ekstra Bladet, one of the largest online publications in Denmark.

After that I was the head of product development at Infomedia, the largest media monitory company in Denmark. There, I implemented a better understanding of the users and customers and implemented a cross-functional, cross-organisational approach to product development.

Today, I am the head of digital at Willmore, a Copenhagen-based consultancy, where I advice and help a range of digital publishers and organisations in digital media, technology and development.

I publish Digital Ugerevy, a weekly newsletter recap on the most important stories in the digital media industry, and Product in Publishing, a newsletter on product management and innovation in the publishing and media industry.

Reach out: lars@larskjensen.dk