Overblik: Digital Ugerevy for uge 38, 2018

Mit navn er Lars, og jeg arbejder som leder af produktudvikling hos Infomedia.

Hver uge deler jeg en opsamling på noget af det mest interessante, jeg er faldet over indenfor digital udvikling og forretning i og omkring mediebranchen.

Det betyder, at du sparer tid: Du behøver ikke læse en masse artikler og nyhedsbreve for at holde dig opdateret.

Tak fordi, du læser med.



? Følg ugerevyen

Det letteste er at følge med på mail. Så får du en mail hver weekend med link til ugens opsamling:


Du får kun én mail om ugen – det lover jeg.





↓ Here we go ↓



Her finder du historier om eller fra de store sociale platforme, der har en enorm rolle at spille i kontakten mellem udgiver/afsender og modtager.


? Verdens største annoncekøber kritiserer Facebook


“We’re increasingly holding Facebook to account to justify the levels of investment we are putting in them,” said Robin O’Neill, managing director of digital trading for GroupM. “We continue to press them to allow us to independently verify our metrics and operate in the real world. Facebook doesn’t operate with real-world metrics. I would urge every agency to hold Facebook to account and interrogate the data that comes out from them.”



? Facebook tester dating-tjeneste – i Columbia


The service was first announced at the annual F8 conference in May this year, and will likely be available in other locations in the future. For now, users aged 18 and older in Colombia will be able to create dating profiles and, once those reach a critical mass, find some matches. WIRED got to preview an early version of the service, and it looks promising—especially for users looking for meaningful long-term relationships rather than hookups.



? Hvor aktive er mediernes Facebook-grupper egentlig?


We analyzed the data of groups as large as 40,000 members and as small as 300, from international organizations to local publishers. How does yours fit in?

Nieman Lab


?? USA: Hvem får nyheder fra hvilke sociale platforme?


THOUGH ONLY A third of Instagram users say they get news from the app, 60 percent of those who do are nonwhite, whereas on Twitter, 60 percent of news consumers are white. Of people who rely on Snapchat for news, 63 percent are women. Yet 72 percent of people who tap Reddit for news are men. These are some of the takeaways from a Pew Research survey published this week, looking at the news consumption habits of social media users in the US.



?? EU: Facebook mangler stadig at rette ind


Seven months after Europe’s Justice Commissioner Vera Jourova told Facebook and other tech companies to bring their user terms in line with EU consumer laws, the social media giant has yet to address all her concerns, the sources said.



? Facebook inkluderer nyheds-sider i annonce-arkiv


Today we’re starting to index news Pages to determine which publishers’ ads should be in the news section of the Ad Archive. Publishers can apply to have their Pages included in this index. To be included, they must abide by guidelines we developed with news organizations, academics and industry groups.

Facebook for Media


Digiday har også skrevet om nyheden.


? Hvor ofte skal folk se din annonce på Facebook?


This means that you’re able to clearly see how much you’re blanketing the same audience, or how thinly your ad budget is being spread. Conventional wisdom dictates that, on average, the audience needs to see your ad more than once to be able to recall it, and to take action upon it, however, naturally the higher the frequency gets, the less effective your advertising is going to be.

Social Media Today


? Stop med at lytte til “guruerne” og lav din egen plan


There’s no doubt you could spend your every waking hour listening to and watching others to learn what they suggest you should do to be super successful, rich and famous (or so they say), and there’s undoubtedly value in learning from others who’ve already been down the path you are wanting to succeed at.

But here’s the problem – we all have different paths.

Social Media Today


? Facebook-alternativet ‘Path’ lukker


Path was once touted as the next Facebook: a social network built from its inception for mobile phones, with a focus on smaller groups. While those ambitions were long vanquished, today the company revealed that it will soon be gone forever.



? Ny bog om bl.a. Facebooks rolle ift. medierne


In the book, Vaidhyanathan, a former journalist who now directs the University of Virginia’s Center for Media and Citizenship, examines Facebook’s impact on newsrooms, many of which have integrated the social media platform into virtually every step of the news reporting process.

Journalist’s Resource


? Instagram lancerer shopping i Stories og Explore


Today we’re announcing two updates that make it easier to shop on Instagram, whether you stumble upon something you love or are simply in the mood to browse your favorite brands.

Instagram Info Center


#️⃣ Instagram tester hashtags udenfor beskrivelsen


Code hacker Jane Manchun Wongshared some screenshots of the new functionality as it currently stands in development – as you can see here, a new ‘Add Hashtags’ field has been added in the post composition process.

Social Media Today


⏰ Twitter gør det lettere at få kronologisk visning


[…] today we updated the “Show the best Tweets first” setting. When off, you’ll only see Tweets from people you follow in reverse chronological order. Previously when turned off, you’d also see “In case you missed it” and recommended Tweets from people you don’t follow.

Se tråden fra Twitter


Læs også: Twitter-stifter omfavner medies twitter-eksperiment [Medietrends]


? Twitter tester tidslinjeannoncer på medie-sites


With the Timeline Ads test, currently in alpha, Twitter is opening the door for publishers to generate more revenue from the timelines embedded on their sites and offering advertisers access to more ad inventory.

Marketing Land


⚙️ Pinterest åbner API for influencer marketing


“Starting today, we’re opening our content marketing API to third-party influencer marketing platforms to help brands and influencers collaborate more effectively and create exciting new things on Pinterest,” wrote Aaron Ru, a member of Pinterest’s business and corporate development team

Marketing Land




Her kan du læse nogle af ugens tendenser indenfor medier. Det kan være en ny metode eller tilgang eller ny teknologi, branchen forsøger at tage til sig.


? Få overblikket: Fremtidens DR

Et af de absolut største samtaleemner i ugen, der gik i medie-Danmark, var de store besparelser hos DR. Altinget giver os overblikket over fremtidens DR.


Læs mere hos MediaWatch:


Dele af oppositionen kritiserer regeringen for, at der i kontrakten står, at DR’s hjemmeside “skal afholde sig fra lange, dybdegående artikler”.

Men kulturministeren afviser pure, at politikerne har blandt sig for meget i, hvad DR skal bringe og hvordan koncernen skal se ud.



? DR vil øge podcast-produktionen


Selvom DR lukker af P6, P7 og P8 i 2020, vil lytterne stadig kunne høre jazz og rock efter 2020. Det skal bl.a. en ny musikprofil på P3 og nye musikpodcasts i et vist omfang sørge for, siger radiochef. Kommerciel radioaktør roser DR for én af kanallukningerne.



?️ The Guardian også på vej med daglig podcast


The daily news podcast is scheduled to launch before the end of the year, and it will be monetised by Acast, which had previously worked with The Guardian on the latter’s Football Weekly and Politics Weekly shows.

Nieman Lab


? BuzzFeed skærer på podcasting – satser på video


BuzzFeed News is putting its podcasting ambitions on pause.

The digital-media company is cutting its in-house podcast production team as it shifts resources away from audio and toward creating original shows similar to the ones its produced for Netflix,TwitterandFacebook.

The Wall Street Journal


? Podcasting-firmaer kigger mod Hollywood


“There’s a bit of a feeding frenzy going on right now,” [owStuffWorks President Conal] Byrne said. “You hear this mantra going around in Hollywood right now that podcasts are the new scripts.”



⛈️ NYTimes fortæller om klimaforandringer med datavisualisering


The New York Times joined forces with Climate Impact Lab to create an interactive feature that allows readers to see how much hotter their hometown is today compared to when they were born



☔ The Weather Channel bruger spilmotor til vejrudsigten


On September 13, The Weather Channel aired a segment that demonstrated both the power of Hurricane Florence and the Unreal Engine—the software that powers video games like FortniteOctopath Traveler, and Dragon Ball FighterZ. In the segment, a meteorologist described the power of the coming storm, the camera pulled back, and what looked like real flood waters filled the screen, surging above the anchor’s head and tossing cars around like toys.

Vice / Motherboard


Wired har også skrevet om den vilde vejrudsigt.


⚡ Google opgiver (lidt af) kontrollen over AMP


Now, Google is announcing that it intends to give up some control of how the code behind AMP is managed. It plans to move the AMP Project to a “new governance model,” which is to say that decisions about the code will be made by a committee that includes non-Googlers. Until now, final decisions about AMP’s code have been made by Malte Ubl, the tech lead for the AMP Project at Google.

The Verge


? Unge briter bruger næsten lige så meget tid på Netflix som på BBC


[The BBC’s director general, Tony] Hall will use the speech to warn that young British audiences now spend almost as much time watching Netflix – which only launched its UK streaming service in 2012 – as watching BBC television and iPlayer combined.

The Guardian



Her kan du læse nogle af ugens historier og tendenser indenfor forretningsudvikling i mediebranchen. Altså det, der handler om at tjene penge.


⏱️ Bureauer kigger mere på tid og mindre på klik


“Vi går i langt højere grad op i kvalitet frem for kvantitet og kigger f.eks. på tiden med brugeren. Det siger tallet ikke noget om, men det har en del at sige, om folk f.eks. bruger mere eller mindre på sitet. Det er klart, at hvis folk bruger den samme tid på bt.dk, men ser mange flere sider, kan det også være et negativt signal, at de har kortere tid med indholdet,” siger Michael Ingemann, der uddyber, at tidsparameteret er blevet vigtigere i takt med, at brugernes opmærksomhed er flygtig i en tid med mange medietilbud.



? YouTube lancerer vertikale videoer som annonce-produkt


YouTube on Sept. 12 launched vertical video ads, a format already offered by Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and, of course, Snapchat. Marketers said they expect YouTube’s to be used differently from Instagram’s and Snapchat’s, though.



Læs også: YouTube Adds Vertical Video Ad Options, Moving with Usage Trends [Social Media Today]


? The Economist og Slate i podcast-samarbejde


“The broader picture here is that The Economist is looking to sign up more subscribers in North America in particular. We think there is scope to increase our readership there more than anywhere else,” explains Tom Standage, deputy editor and head of digital strategy at The Economist.



? Sky vil også sælge tv-annoncer programmatisk

En stadig større andel af online-annoncer bliver solgt via programmatisk annoncering, der bl.a. er kendetegnet ved automatiserede auktioner, der foregår i noget nær realtid.

Sky is getting serious about programmatic TV, with plans in the next 12 months to sell TV ads in the same automated way publishers sell online media.



? Googles Ad Manager-udfald skaber stadig udfordringer


Publishers have struggled to get visibility on who is buying their inventory for the last two weeks, due to what many claim to be an unusually long Google Ad Manager outage.

Google Ad Manager, which recently rebranded from DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange, has been down for several weeks, according to multiple publisher sources, with some reporting that they haven’t been able to use it as far back as Aug. 29.





Her får du et kig på nogle af ugens historier indenfor den digitale udvikling og teknologi, der enten direkte eller indirekte kan have betydning for medier/udgivere.


? Sådan eksperimenterer BBC med Googles ‘AMP Stories’

AMP Stories er Googles take på en web-udgave af de ‘Stories’, vi allerede kender fra blandt andet Snapchat (der opfandt formatet), Instagram og Facebook. I denne gennemgang kan du læse lidt mere teknisk om, hvordan BBC arbejder med formatet.


⌚ Sådan kan du designe web-indhold til Apples ur


watchOS 5 brings web content to Apple Watch by rendering rich HTML in Messages and Mail. Gain insights into how watchOS maintains compatibility with existing web content, and find out what you can do to optimize your web content for Apple Watch.

Apple Developer


? Anmeldelse af Apples nye iOS 12


Apple’s latest mobile OS update focuses on making things work, instead of adding new features

The Verge



Foto: Donald Giannatti / Unsplash

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